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It is great to realize that the top 5 home renovation projects can really contribute in a significant way in regard to increasing the value of your home. Thus, we address these best renovations that you can do to your own home. These types of renovations add extra prestige to your home and they also can provide a return on investment by up to five or six times as much as what they cost to do. For example, if you invest ten thousand dollars in a renovation, this could increase the value of your home by as much as $50.000 or even as much as $60,000. You will be happy with how much value these top 5 home renovation projects really do add to your home overall.

1. Flooring

It cannot be denied that flooring is one of those significant elements that makes a house look beautiful or ugly. Thus, it is important to have beautiful, clean, quality flooring installed throughout your home. This type of renovation will immediately raise the property value of your home. This is particularly noted when there is the installation of hardwood floors. But note that hardwood should not be installed in the bathroom. It is ideal to install tiles in the bathroom and they tend to maintain their value rather optimally for a long time.

2. Light fixtures

The truth of the matter is that a home can look awfully dated, drab and weary as a result of light fixtures that are ugly and old. Many people may think of updating cabinets and this does add a new look to a home. But replacing lighting fixtures will also add to a dramatic update of a home and will make it more inviting. Also, this will increase the value of the home overall.

3. Bathroom

The bathroom is an important place in any home, which cannot be denied. When you are able to create the addition of a second bathroom that has a sink, toilet and tub or shower, this is truly a valuable renovation to your home. This will truly cause an impressive increase in the value of your property. Note that it is not advised to take space from a bedroom to accommodate another bathroom. But you could opt to use some space from another area of your home that is not used all that much.

4. Kitchen

The kitchen of any home is what contributes to the high value of any home. That is why it is important to make the investment of making a kitchen that is luxurious, well-designed, convenient and highly functional. Cabinets that are modern, new appliances and lighting under the cabinets will work wonders to increase the market value of your property dramatically.

5. Income Suite

A great way to add real value to your property is by constructing an income suite within your home. This could involve the conversion of your basement or you may add another floor to your home. Such an addition will increase your home’s value and also your personal income when you rent out the space. This is a terrific way to have help with paying your mortgage every month.